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NASA Earthdata Webinar: Using the ISS Lightning Imaging Sensor and Release of the GOES-R Post Launch Test Observations

The NASA GHRC DAAC's Geoffrey Stano participated in its annual Earthdata webinar titled "Using the ISS Lightning Imaging Sensor and Release of the GOES-R Post Launch Test Observations" in May 2019...

NASA Earthdata Webinar: Striking New Spatial Bounds Using ISS LIS Data

The GHRC DAAC’s Leigh Sinclair conducted a webinar titled “Striking New Spatial Bounds Using ISS LIS Data” on March 7, 2018...

“Bomb Cyclone” Winter Weather Lightning Captured by ISS LIS

Explosive intensification of mid-latitude cyclones is sometimes referred to as ‘bombogenesis’ or a ‘bomb cyclone’...

ISS LIS provisional datasets now released

The provisional datasets from the Lightning Imaging Sensor on the International Space Station (ISS LIS) are now released at the GHRC DAAC, available online but not yet cataloged and published...

Micro article and NASA Earthdata feature Dr. Rachel Albrecht's lightning research

The GHRC DAAC has published a micro article describing "Highlights from Albrecht et. al's 'Where Are the Lightning Hotspots on Earth?’ publication."  This publication in the November 2016 issue of the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (BAMS) described Dr. Rachel Albrecht’s research with the GHRC’s 16-year data record from the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) Lightning Imaging Sensor (LIS). Albrecht’s resulting data product, the LIS 0.1 Degree Very High Resolution Gridded Lightning Climatology Data Collection, is also available from the GHRC.

Update (10/2/17): Dr. Rachel Albrecht has recently been featured in NASA Earthdata's Data User Profile portion of their website.

Update (10/26/17): Results from Dr. Rachel Albrecht's research were used as a question on the television game show Jeopardy! that aired on Oct. 25th (see pic courtesy of Chris Shultz). The data providing the answer to this question is available at GHRC See the GHRC Twitter page retweet.


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